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Telugu Web Series:  Not only Short films from the last couple of years Web Series is also being trending on youtube and many other official...

Latest and Best Telugu Web Series to watch

Telugu Web Series: Not only Short films from the last couple of years Web Series is also being trending on youtube and many other official websites like Shortfilmadda, TeluguOne and Smashplex. There are many Telugu Web Series to follow them on our site In our previous post, we have listed Latest Telugu Short Films.

Latest and Best Telugu Web Series to watch

If you are searching for Telugu web series list, Popular Telugu web series, Telugu web series 2017, Best Telugu web series, Telugu web series comedy and Telugu web series Latest then you have come to right place here we have listed some of the best and popular Web Series. Not only on youtube there is one website in which you can find Best Telugu and Hindi Web series to watch Visit Smashplex.

  1. Geetha Subramanyam
  2. Mahathali
  3. Pilla
  4. Endukila
  5. Posh pories
  6. Nenu mee kalyan 
  7. Mana Mugguri Love Story

Geetha Subramanyam:

Geetha Subramanyam

Geetha Subramanyam is one of the recent hits in Telugu Web Series many people are following this web series. Geetha and Subramanyam who lives in a living relationship and the web series is all about there funny fights and there love.



Mahathali is one of the best comedy Telugu web series followed by all the age groups. Mahathali releases one episode for a week. All the episodes will be different from each other.



Pilla is a love web series Dhanya Balakrishna had played a main leading role in this web series.



Sumanth Ashwin
 had played the main lead role in Endukila web series. It is a love story of an unlucky boy. The situations and problems he faces to propose the girl is Web Series.

Posh pories:

Posh Pories

TeluguOne had produced many web series among all the web series Posh Pories is one of the best Telugu Web Series to follow. The story of Posh Pories Web Series is about 3 girls who stay independent. 

Nenu mee kalyan:

Nenu mee Kalyan

ChaiBiskut is a very known social media pages and released many wines and short films. Nenu mee Kalyan was the first web series produced by ChaiBiskut.

Mana Mugguri Love Story:

Mana Mugguri Love Story

Navadeep and Tejaswini are doing a new web series it will be releasing on Nov 8th, 2017. Before its release, Mana Mugguri Love Story Trailer has got number of views and likes.